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We manufacture electric TV brakcets for well over 15 Years.  Our abundant experience in both production and development allows us to deliver best quality products with high ease of use and elegant design.


We are a family company , hiring over 120 people , located in Poland.  Please browse through our product range. If You need Your TV to rotate/lift/tilt, or move in any direction – You have come to the right place !

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5 Year Warranty
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T-stand offers a safe and easy solution for Mounting TV with a weight of 40 kg and in VESA system 600×400. Thanks to a simple and elegant design stand perfectly fits with any type of TV and furniture. Angle of rotation is 45 degrees to the left and right, allowing you to adjust the ideal view from anywhere in the room – in the home, office or conference room.
VESA standards: 200×200, 300×200, 300×300, 400×200, 400×400, 600x400mm.

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T-stand IR offers a safe and easy solution for Mounting TV. Thanks to a simple and elegant design stand perfectly fits with any type of TV and furniture. Angle of rotation is 45 degrees to the left and right, allowing you to adjust the ideal view from anywhere in the room – in the home, office or conference room. Conveniently controlled by IR remote control and available in three sizes.

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Electric TV-Stand for flat screens LED, LCD, plasma screens with a diagonal of 26″ to 60″. You can set the TV screen at a comfortable angle, depending on your preferred position. The range of rotation = 45 degrees left / right. Universal, easily programmable IR receiver – receives the signal from 99% of the popular TV manufacturers.

Programmable by pressing a button on the stand and assigning the remote control key for moving left-right and center position.

The stand has an overload clutch, protecting nearby objects from damage. The holes in the base and handle allow for convenient cable management. Exclusive black finish with black glass fits into any TV screen.

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Wall–Mounts (Swing mount)

Operate this unit with your own remote! Unique self-learning system is compatible with at least 99% of nowadays popular TV Remotes. No need for any extra remotes. 10W electric brushless DC motor with patented built-in clutch prevents hitting an obstacle.

Projector-Lift (WP–560)

The WP-560 projector lift is a modern and robust design that will be widely used in your home, office or conference room. The design allows easy mounting of projectors of all sizes and weights. The device perfectly blends with the environment.

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informations about company

In our new location, we have implemented the latest cutting-edge technologies and improved the entire production process. We pioneered the production of TV lifts in Poland in 2005 whilst simultaneously acquiring FIMCO – a company that produced LiftBox which was popular on the American market. Since then, we have been continuously expanding our offer and striving to meet more and more demanding environments. This can be done thanks to our own science and technology park and dedicated research & development facilities.

our history

Sabaj-System was established in 1965 as a production facility manufacturing punching pressure machines. Our first HQ were based in the industrial district of Polish producers, namely Świątniki Górne. That location was famous for the production of metal elements such as padlocks and keys. Our business had been growing over all those years and we successfully managed to introduce quality management system standards of ISO 9001 back in 1998We have continued our rapid growth and on the basis of many years of experience, we have broadened our resources. Due to this growth, it was necessary to relocate our main production facilities. We took over the former home building company „FADOM” in Domagały Street in Cracow and moved into our new facilities in 2001.

mission and idea

We at Sabaj-System do care about the environment. We have implemented thrifty and rational management of media and materials. We are a ROHS compliance company, which means we act in accordance with the Directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. We have also introduced MRP system which played a significant role in improving the control over our stock, quantity, types of products and production times. Our lifts are ordered by customers from all over the world: Sweden, Norway, USA, Germany, France or the United Kingdom.

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Manuals and FAQ

Can your lifts be operated with external devices?

Yes, most of our products containing premium control boxes have an active RJ-45 socket, which means they are compatible with most accessories connected to a RJ-45. The most common product to cooperate with other devices like KNX or any other smart-home solutions is the Wire with terminals for PLC controller (link). This small device can be operated by 0-10 V signal, just like your window shutter pushbutton !

What tools do I need to install the TV lift?

Unless you want to ask a professional carpenter / AV installer for help, you need a power drill or a “+” type screwdriver to mount the lift firmly to the ground and an alen key to mount the TV screen on the lifts brackets.

What do I need to mount the Projector lift?

This type of product is strongly recommended to be installed by a professional, or a well-trained DIY-er at least. You'll need a power drill, concrete anchors, a screwdriver. Other tools required depend on the type of sealing you are mounting the Projector lift to.

I need products dimensions, and 3D files for my designer – can You provide them?

Indeed, we can – please browse through this website, to find an interesting product. The Downloadable datasheets and files will be visible in the download tab. If you can not find it – please write us a message, well be eager to help in less than 48 hours.

How do you handle warranty and service issues?

As a manufacturer, we provide a 5 Year warranty. if You have any problems with our lift – please email us first at, best providng a picture or a short movie of the problem. From there we will be able to help You, or send a new item for a replacement.

Can you provide me a licensed installer, who will do everything for me ?

Yes, please send us a message, pointing where are You located. We will make one of our certified installers contact You … or we’ll just give You his number.

Ooops, I think I messed something up with the cables.

Do not worry - write us a message at – we will try to help You. Provide a picture or a short movie. As a manufacturer, we have all the parts in stock, so we will do our best to make your product work again !

Can the maximum height be set in your TV lifts?

Sure, all of our lifts have a control box, that can be accurately set up. It’s a very easy press&hold procedure – have a look at one of our movies !

Can the lowering height be set in Sabaj Tv lifts?

Some of our lifts, equipped with a premium based control box can set both top and low viewing position. Those are: K-Premium, K-Down, WP, A-2. How to do that – please refer to the manual, or one of our Youtube movies.


Need an advice in designing or installing in your furniture? 3D files?
We can provide all the neccesary information – just fill in the questionary below, or just call us!